Familyunion Braess

Our familyunion was initiated by pastor Otto Scriba, who married Sophie Braess in 1866. At the first he was only interested in his own family, but his mother-in-law , Sophie Braess, Wallbrecht by birth, caused him to study our family. The necessary information he got from parish registers and from the family. By popular request he printed his investigations as genealogical overview of the family Braess in 1914. In this family tree the root of our family to Peter Braess of Narwa in Estland was published the first time. He also printed the first family tree.

Since 1914 the members of our family meet nearly every 4 years at family convents, which were held in north Germany, because the two first Braess, Peter and Elias Braess settled in Brunswick (Braunschweig) and Wolfenbüttel, which is about 8 miles from Brunswick. At the first family convent the family union was grounded with the purpose, to cultivate the relationship between all descendents of the first Braess and the tradition of our family. Therefor the last convent of the family was held in Wesel at 2000.

Wesel 2000

The following table contains a list of all convents of the family:

1.Goslar2./3. June 1914 Einladung
2.Goslar28./29. September 1924
3.Goslar3./4. October 1927
4.Braunschweig5./6. October 1930
5.Braunschweig10./11. June 1935 Foto
6.Göttingen6./8. June 1938 Einladung/Fotos
7.Hannover29./30. May 1955
8.Wolfenbüttel24./26. May 1958
9.Bispingen3./4. June 1961 Foto
10.Goslar16./18. May 1964 Foto
11.Hamburg7./8. October 1967      
12.Celle16./18. May 1970      
13.Goslar15./17. June 1974      
14.Hildesheim27./28. May 1978      
15.Hameln29./31. May 1982      
16.Hannover21./22. May 1988
17.Braunschweig6./8. June 1992
18.Celle25./27. May 1996 Foto
18.Wesel10./12. June 2000 Foto
20.Halberstadt29./31. May 2004 Foto

The next convent will take place in ???? in the year ???? .

At each convent a new board of our family union is selected. Before 1950 the chairmen were Otto Scriba, Paul Braess and Adolf Braess and since then Ferdinand Braess, Heinz-Hermann Braess, Burkhard Braess, Peter Braess (Celle) and Antje Braess.

At the moment the following board manage our family union:

Chairman Peter Braess (Wesel)
Treasurer Sigurd Plate
Secretary Helmut Braess

The family union can be addressed by the e-mail at the bottom. A list with all postal adresses is available to our members only.

The family tree was printed twice since the fist issue in 1914. The first time it was published in the Deutschen Geschlechterbuch of the C. A. Starke publishing company in volume 129 and the second time 1978 as a private print. This family tree was modified for the internet and can be called by Family Tree and Ancestors.

After several unsuccessfull attempts the family tree was printed again in 1994. A bug in the first two generations was corrected, so that the relationship between the two branches of our family is now correct. Additional an update was done.

The name Braess - also the versions Brae&szig;, Bräss and Brä&szig; -is very rare in Germany. There is only one family, living in Bamberg, with the name Braess known, which is not a descendants of Peter Braess. Even in old documents, such as parish registers and documents of the guilds, don't contain persons with our name, which don't are members of our family.

The cdrom of the german phone book and requests to internet search engines delivers only members of our family.

After the second world war my father tried, to get more information about the first Peter Braess, who is said to be a secretary in Narwa (Estland) and who died before 1708. Even a swedish genealocical researcher, who had access to parish registers of the baltics, had no success.

Who has informations about resources, so that a chance exists, that I will have success? I think there will be new possibilities in the area of detente since 1990. Especially I'm interested in resources of Narwa (Baltics) before 1700.


I beg all persons with the name Braess or all persons, who have met the name within their genealogical investigations, to inform me.

Every additional information is welcome. Please send suggestions and comments to:

Helmut Braess

Munich, May 2004